The 3 Golden Rules Of Selling

Several years ago I had just been promoted to a sales VP role, and my new boss wanted to meet to do some “sales training.”

He was a former, very successful, partner at a Big 4 firm where I worked earlier in my career and I braced myself with my notebook and pen warmed up and ready to go.

Here is what he said:

– Cast a wide net
– Relentless pursuit
– No excuses

I said, “that’s it???” He said yup! Do this well and everything else will take care of itself.

As a trained Industrial Engineer (IE), I was used to creating a process for everything. And yes you need process and technology to scale sales, but I had forgotten about the big picture.

His advice changed my whole approach to selling. I especially liked the “No Excuses” rule.

In a sales role, it is easy to blame others or a situation for lack of success, especially in these unprecedented times.

But when you really look at the top performers they don’t let anything get in their way. They learn, they collaborate and they pivot as needed.

If you really live these 3 rules you will have as much sales success as you want.

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