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Selling in healthcare is hard, we know, we have been doing it for decades. To sell more, faster we work with you to supercharge your Revenue Machine using sales best practice research and our knowledge of how healthcare buyers think. Whether you are a Founder/CEO, sales leader or individual seller we are proven guides to explosive sales growth.


The result? Bigger deals, better close rates, more leads, happier customers, and higher valuations.


By combining our proprietary Sales FUSE™ GTM Acceleration Process with a focus on Healthcare B2B companies, we help you achieve rapid and sustainable growth.


The result? Bigger deals, better close rates, more leads, happier customers, and higher valuations.

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Do you feel like sales should be sizzling, but they are not? Are you closing most of the sales deals yourself? Are your company valuations impacted by lower-than-expected sales? Do you want to get into health care but don't know where to start?

In just 30-45 days, we compare your Revenue Machine to the best performing healthcare companies. We help you identify gaps hindering sales and develop a plan to accelerate performance. As your growth partner, we guide you, sell for you, or both - it is your choice. We succeed only if you do.


To initially "Nail It" and achieve success, talent, charisma, persistence, and luck play key roles. However, to "Scale It," you need a Revenue Machine that generates more leads, improves close rates, and increases customer value.

Shared Vision Selling (SVS) powers your Revenue Machine by transforming your sales reps' perspective, turning them into collaborators and guides who sell with companies, not just to them.


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Our passion is sales acceleration. Our experienced team has an impressive track record. Our sales playbook is proven to EXPAND PIPELINES, INCREASE CLOSE RATES, and SPEED UP THE SALES CYCLE.

Increased Win Rate +50%

Forecast Accuracy +20%

Quota Attainment +100%

YOY Growth +150%

“The SalesSparx approach includes the key elements that helped our company grow from $50M to $250M in three years resulting in a $500M cash exit.”

Parker Hinshaw
maxIT Healthcare

“SalesSparx is led by a team with an amazing track record of creating value for shareholders. Their techniques increased the value of our portfolio by over $150M in a three year period.”

Chris Lewis
Founder & Partner
Riorden, Lewis & Hayden Equity Partners

“Working with SalesSparx, we quickly developed and piloted an enhanced go-to-market plan to accelerate our market outreach process in a way that improved our bookings by 50%.”

Greg Strobel

“We needed to standardize and streamline our sales process. We looked at other training programs, and they were not a fit for us. Our sales team loves it! Almost immediately after our SVS roll-out, we saw a positive impact on our sales metrics.”

Dean Fredenburgh
ClearDATA Network

“During our ten-month partnership with SalesSparx, we improved our sales close rate from 20% to 40%, doubled web traffic, and successfully implemented a new CRM. These improvements in branding and our sales process helped us close the two largest deals in our company history.”

Jeremy Schwach
Bluetree Network
We Wrote the Book on

Healthcare Sales Acceleration

Light Your Sales FUSE is a valuable resource for any B2B sales team looking to scale their business and drive revenue growth. Written by Reese Gomez, the CEO of SalesSparx, this book provides expert insights and practical tactics for collaborative and iterative selling in complex solutions markets.
What is the number one indicator that you will win or lose a deal

What is the number one indicator that you will win or lose a deal?

For complex, enterprise deals that require prospects to make significant changes, you need a coach within the buyer organization. We analyzed almost 10,000 complex sales opportunity records from several of our SalesSparx Shared Vision Selling (SVS) clients. The data...
The Death Of The Traditional IT Staffing Model

The Death Of The Traditional IT Staffing Model

I was at VIVE 2023 and ran into my good friend Eric Utzinger who started Revuud a couple of years ago, a platform for matching health systems to healthcare IT talent. His company is the future of health IT staffing. The primary value a staffing firm adds is finding...
How Does Grow Their Revenue 100% Each Year

How Does Grow Their Revenue 100% Each Year?

Design Thinking drives their sales process (Forbes, Jan 15, 2019 – Why Design Thinking Is The Future Of Sales). Design Thinking was first used for urban planning and later adopted by Apple to rapidly innovate product design. But sales is the latest and greatest...
The 3 Golden Rules Of Selling

The 3 Golden Rules Of Selling

Several years ago I had just been promoted to a sales VP role, and my new boss wanted to meet to do some “sales training.” He was a former, very successful, partner at a Big 4 firm where I worked earlier in my career and I braced myself with my notebook and pen warmed...
Stop Making The Solution About You!

Stop Making The Solution About You!

The proposal stage is a common sticking point in the sales process that delays the sales cycle.  Why? Often sales teams listen well in the Discovery Stage, but do not tailor their offering sufficiently to address buyer pain points. This incomplete connection leads to...
Hit your numbers- No Excuses!

Hit your numbers- No Excuses!

I remember the first lunch I had with my boss after I was promoted to a sales leader role. He congratulated me and said, “I am going to give you the best sales advice you will ever hear.” The ambitious 26-year-old I was, that really made me pay attention. This boss...
How To Sell To The C Suite

How To Sell To The C Suite

Cs (CEOs, COOs, CIOs, etc.) speak their own language. They are focused on strategy, team-building, market share, growth, margins, competition and capital allocation. Before you meet, do your research on their company and have a point of view about how your offering...
What Is Disruptive Innovation

What Is Disruptive Innovation?

What is disruptive innovation? It’s a question most new business owners have, and it’s a valid one. The theory of the phrase came to fruition in 1995. Now, it’s one of the most important terms regarding exponential company growth. It’s not only for new business owners...
How To Get Ahead Of The Competition

How To Get Ahead Of The Competition

Are you wondering how to get ahead of the competition? There are millions of companies out there running full steam ahead, but are there ways to be the best in your department or field? Absolutely! At SalesSparx, we specialize in sales acceleration using 21st-century...
3 Tips On How To Make Sure Your Company Stays Relevant

3 Tips On How To Make Sure Your Company Stays Relevant

Having your own business can be exciting, but it also means keeping up with the fast-paced world of online marketing. Unfortunately, marketing on digital platforms isn’t something most people grew up doing. Within the last decade, the way we consume information has...
Creating a shared vision in sales_ 3 things managers get wrong

Creating a shared vision in sales: 3 things managers get wrong

We guide healthcare IT and professional service sales organizations to sell more, faster through shared vision selling. As a growth consultant, I’ve noticed that when sales executives make mistakes, they tend to make the same three. How many of these mistakes are you...
6 Benefits Of Customized Sales Training

6 Benefits Of Customized Sales Training

Sales training is among the lowest cost, high ROI investments a sales leader can make. Especially with content tailored to your business, you will see significant improvement in sales team satisfaction, productivity, and close rates. In most cases, just an extra deal...