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At SalesSparx, we wrote the book on how to accelerate healthcare go-to-market (GTM) execution and sales. Bigger deals, better close rates, more leads, happier customers, and higher valuations.

We know healthcare buyers and how they think. Sales FUSE aligns your offerings with their priorities to scale sales rapidly.

We launched SalesSparx with over 10,000 hours of best practice research to determine why some companies grow faster than others. We combined these learnings and our experience to develop our proprietary Sales FUSE GTM Acceleration Process. Within 30-45 days, we assess your entire go-to-market process and identify key gaps that are impeding sales growth.

Our FUSE process integrates GTM strategy with best-practice sales processes and training, allowing you to:

  • Focus your team
  • Unite your organization
  • Sell value
  • Expand your presence

We then help you drive results. No other firm integrates healthcare GTM strategy with best practice sales process and training. Our success-based fee structure ensures we succeed only when you do. Light your Sales FUSE to sell more, faster.


The results speak for themselves.

We Wrote the Book on

Healthcare Sales Acceleration

Light Your Sales FUSE is a valuable resource for any B2B sales team looking to scale their business and drive revenue growth. Written by Reese Gomez, the CEO of SalesSparx, this book provides expert insights and practical tactics for collaborative and iterative selling in complex solutions markets.

How It Works

Sales FUSE™ is an iterative, continuous improvement process to improve go-to-market (GTM) maturity and execution.

FUSE™ launches with an opportunity analysis to compare your company’s GTM capabilities and performance to best practices. We review value proposition, offerings, branding/marketing, sales process, delivery approach, and sales/marketing automation. In each area, we compare where you are today vs. where you need to be to achieve your sales goals. We then meet for 1.5 days to develop a roadmap and action plan to accelerate GTM maturity and sales performance.

The GTM action plan engages buyers quickly to validate and iteratively improve GTM decisions and optimize product/market fit. We can help with any aspect of go-to-market execution, including sales leadership, lead generation, development of sales collateral, and updating your website.

As the graphic below illustrates, each FUSE GTM cycle results in faster sales and customer acquisition.

FUSE Iterative Go-To-Market Maturity


hours Of Best Practice research


Client Bookings


Healthcare B2B Clients



SalesSparx converts your sales process from selling TO buyers to selling WITH them. SalesSparx trains sales teams to use design thinking to ideate solutions with the Buyer using our proprietary Shared Vision Selling (SVS) Process. This collaborative process empowers buyers to take ownership of the Shared Vision of their future.

Sellers who collaborate are more likely to convert buyers into long-term partners. For healthcare buyers especially, a partnership brings crucial stability in the rapidly-evolving technological and regulatory landscape.

Our training is proven and fun and helps your team reach their potential to find more opportunities and close more deals.

Learn about the seven primary stages of Shared Vision Selling in this video made for our client, ClearDATA.

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“The SalesSparx approach includes the key elements that helped our company grow from $50M to $250M in three years resulting in a $500M cash exit.”

Parker Hinshaw
maxIT Healthcare

“SalesSparx is led by a team with an amazing track record of creating value for shareholders. Their techniques increased the value of our portfolio by over $150M in a three year period.”

Chris Lewis
Founder & Partner
Riorden, Lewis & Hayden Equity Partners

“Working with SalesSparx, we quickly developed and piloted an enhanced go-to-market plan to accelerate our market outreach process in a way that improved our bookings by 50%.”

Greg Strobel

“We needed to standardize and streamline our sales process. We looked at other training programs, and they were not a fit for us. Our sales team loves it! Almost immediately after our SVS roll-out, we saw a positive impact on our sales metrics.”

Dean Fredenburgh
ClearDATA Network

“During our ten-month partnership with SalesSparx, we improved our sales close rate from 20% to 40%, doubled web traffic, and successfully implemented a new CRM. These improvements in branding and our sales process helped us close the two largest deals in our company history.”

Jeremy Schwach
Bluetree Network