Light Your Sales FUSE

For Explosive Customer Growth

Light Your Sales FUSE is a valuable resource for any B2B sales team looking to scale their business and drive revenue growth. Written by Reese Gomez, the CEO of SalesSparx, this book provides expert insights and practical tactics for collaborative and iterative selling in complex solutions markets. Backed by years of sales leadership experience, Light Your Sales FUSE is a must-read for any sales professional seeking to drive sustainable and profitable growth in their organization.

It provides a versatile approach to accelerate go-to-market (GTM) maturity and sales for not only reaching but exceeding short-term and long-term scaling objectives. SalesSparx’s FUSE (FOCUS UNITE SELL EXPAND) method is a replicable formula for synchronizing company functions, quickly adapting to market conditions, and closing GTM capability gaps to accelerate growth. Supplying you with a proven roadmap for driving rapid goal attainment and revenue generation, Light Your Sales FUSE prepares organizations for pushing innovations to market. This book provides case studies specific to healthcare software, services, and technology companies but can be used by any B2B company that sells complex solutions regardless of industry.

“I can enthusiastically say that the SalesSparx FUSE collaborative process dramatically helped our healthcare technology company transform from a traditional software sales approach to one that, as Reese emphasizes, ‘moves from selling to buyers to selling with them.’ This focus change reshaped our sales approach and increased our sales results by 10 times.”

Jeff Aronson

“FUSE offers a pioneering step-by-step approach that is pragmatic and easy to follow to connect to our healthcare providers!”

Arvind Kumar
Digital Health Leader

“Reese and team were invaluable to me as a fledgling sales VP tasked with aggressive revenue targets while pivoting to a consultative sales model. Thanks to SalesSparx, we exceeded our revenue targets and increased average deal size by three times, ultimately leading to an acquisition by a strategic buyer for a much higher valuation.”

John Evans
VP of Digital Operations
Evergreen Healthcare Partners

“This book is a must-have resource for any company looking for a proven, systematic approach to sell game-changing solutions in healthcare.”

Anthony McCarley
McCarley International

“SalesSparx FUSE is an instant MBA on how to scale and grow your B2B business. Having personally partnered with hundreds of companies on their go-to-market efforts, I can confirm that Reese Gomez delivers proven insights coupled with the practical details you need on how to transform your business and drive accelerating success.”

Mark Corley

“I have seen great healthcare products or services not achieve their sales potential. SalesSparx FUSE is filled with insights that cover both the science and the art of achieving rapid growth.”

Mitchell Morris, MD
Former Vice Chair and Global Leader of Life Sciences and Healthcare

“The FUSE insights and methods really work. I have had the pleasure of assisting Reese and his team on several projects that resulted in tremendous company growth.”

Russ Rudish
Former Global Healthcare Leader

“The SalesSparx FUSE process has become the connective tissue of our company in terms of how we execute and communicate our customer relationships. Larger deal sizes, better conversion rates, and shorter sales cycles are the result.”

Dean Fredenburgh

“The SalesSparx FUSE process is a primary ingredient in the growth strategy of our portfolio companies. Reese and his team have proven to us that the process works, and we work with him and his team frequently.”

Dave Vreeland
Senior Managing Partner
Caduceus Capital Partners

“A must-read for healthcare software, services, and technology leaders. Reese shows how to scale it! I’ve personally experienced the power and results of the approach. Now this book scales access to all by laying out the step-by-step process with real examples and metrics.”

Scott Whyte
Health Enterprise Partners