How Does Grow Their Revenue 100% Each Year?

Design Thinking drives their sales process (Forbes, Jan 15, 2019 – Why Design Thinking Is The Future Of Sales).

Design Thinking was first used for urban planning and later adopted by Apple to rapidly innovate product design.

But sales is the latest and greatest application of Design Thinking.

Some of the best salespeople do it naturally. Here are the keys:

– EMPATHIZE: Really understand and feel the Buyers pain.

– IDEATE: Collaborate with your buyer and bring insight to iteratively design the solution to their pain. Build trust together.

– SHARED VISION: Ideate toward a Shared Vision of future success. Lead the buyer from ambiguity to a clear plan of action.

Go BEYOND solution selling. Solution salespeople bring questions to the Buyer. Bring more than questions, bring insight.

Sell WITH the Buyer, not to them.

Using Design Thinking, you move to the next level of the sales process and make life easier for the buyer.

It works for Salesforce, it works for our SalesSparx Shared Vision Sales clients, and it can work for you.

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