Andrea Marcone Herrera

Sales Acceleration VP

Andrea is a brand and digital marketing executive with a track record of helping Fortune 500 companies and start-ups accelerate sales through effective marketing campaigns and new products.

A collaborative team builder, she has a knack for delivering high-impact lead-generation engines that help companies to grow revenue faster than their sales and marketing expenses. Using a data-driven approach to deliver measurable results, Andrea leverages traditional and digital vehicles to effectively grow market presence and deliver qualified leads.


  • Shapeshifting: I am able to put myself in the shoes of the customer and be their voice.
  • Omnipresence: I easily keep track of diverse teams and multiple moving parts, ensuring marketing programs and marketing teams are moving on task and on target.
  • Magic weaver: I have a knack for building high-functioning marketing organizations using a mixture of in-house and outsourced resources.
  • Empath: I believe in aligning myself closely with sales teams, sharing their mission and their fate.