5 ways in which Artificial Intelligence can increase sales

The birth of Artificial Intelligence has enabled companies to grow in new innovative ways. If you’ve ever searched on Google, AI was definitely used to decide what results to show you. If you’ve ever traveled by Uber or Lyft, AI had a role to play in connecting you to the right driver; or for that […]

3 Tips on How to Make Sure Your Company Stays Relevant

Having your own business can be exciting, but it also means keeping up with the fast-paced world of online marketing. Unfortunately, marketing on digital platforms isn’t something most people grew up doing. Within the last decade, the way we consume information has vastly shifted from print, to digital. The great news, however, is that your […]

5 Ways to Bring Your Company into the 21st Century

Small companies have been around forever. In fact, they’re the backbone of America. Entrepreneurial spirits have been building the country piece by piece, and in the 21st century, they continue to do so. There are many people who have the mindset of don’t fix what isn’t broken. However, the experts at SalesSparx know that the […]

Who Will Be The Future Sales Leaders? Will It Be You?

The way we sell is transforming quickly!  Why?  Thank Amazon, thank Google – buying using the Internet is no longer just for the early adopters this is how everyone makes a purchase decision.  You may be thinking, this is true mainly for consumers and selling to businesses is different.  Think again – we are now […]