What is the number one indicator that you will win or lose a deal?

For complex, enterprise deals that require prospects to make significant changes, you need a coach within the buyer organization.

We analyzed almost 10,000 complex sales opportunity records from several of our SalesSparx Shared Vision Selling (SVS) clients. The data point most correlated to Win Rate was Coach.

But not all Coaches are the same. There are two basic types of Coaches: Talkers and Doers.

While either type is better than none, Doers are best.

How do you spot a Doer? They are skeptical and ask hard questions. They love their organization and do not trust easily.

Inexperienced sales professionals will often gravitate to the Talker who gives them “happy ears” and tells them what they want to hear.

However, once you show a Doer you can be trusted and add value, they will be the best coach and champion.

So what do you do now?

Update your CRM to capture the Coach data field. Use the data values “None,” “Talker,” and “Doer.”

A Coach/Doer increases the win rate of our SVS Clients by 60%+. Teach your sales team how to find and nurture Doers and see your win rates soar!

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