Bluetree Network

During our ten-month partnership with SalesSparx, we improved our sales close rate from 20% to 40%, doubled web traffic, and successfully implemented a new CRM. These improvements in branding and our sales process helped us close the two largest deals in our company history. - Jeremy Schwach, CEO, Bluetree Network



We needed to standardize and streamline our sales process. We looked at other training programs, and they were not a fit for us. Our sales team loves it! Almost immediately after our SVS roll-out we saw a positive impact on our sales metrics. - Dean Fredenburgh, CRO, ClearDATA Network



Working with SalesSparx, we quickly developed and piloted an enhanced go-to-market plan to accelerate our market outreach process in a way that improved our 2019 bookings by 50%. I’d recommend SalesSparx to any organization wanting to better organize and execute their sales approach using quantifiable metrics. - Greg Strobel, CEO, HHAeXchange


Riorden, Lewis & Hayden Equity Partners

SalesSparx is led by a team with an amazing track record of creating value for shareholders. Their techniques increased the value of our portfolio by over $150M in a three year period. - Chris Lewis, Founder, Partner, Riorden, Lewis & Haden


maxIT Healthcare

The SalesSparx approach includes the key elements that helped our company grow from $50M to $250M in three years resulting in a $500M cash exit. - Parker Hinshaw, Founder, maxIT Healthcare


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