We partner with MindTickle to deliver SalesSparx sales training that is continuously updated and tailored to each client’s needs.

MindTickle is an engaging and gamified platform that supports learning and retention. We use Al to give leadership advanced insights into the skills their teams are developing.

With SalesSparx and MindTickle, sales teams form lasting habits and have fun doing it.


Rudish Health Solutions

Rudish Health Solutions provides healthcare technology companies with strategic talent solutions and leadership consulting. We partner with our clients to help find the right talent to drive long-term success.



RamaOnHealthcare is the industry’s first in kind article research hub, compiling powerful insights that inform leading companies globally.

We partner to leverage Rama’s vast healthcare industry knowledge in our customized sales solutions. SalesSparx and RamaOnHealthcare together create defined competitive advantages for our clients.



Execullence is a growth strategy and execution firm with a 10+ year track record of driving strategic growth for B2B companies in healthcare, technology and business services.

We often partner with Execullence on joint engagements that leverage our respective methodologies to help our clients develop and reinforce the right-sized marketing and sales activities required to reach their growth, profitability, and valuation objectives.


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