Reese Gomez

Founder & CEO

Reese Gomez, founder and CEO of SalesSparx, LLC, is a trusted advisor to software, technology, and services companies that want to accelerate their go-to-market maturity and sales performance.

He has over 25 years of experience leading and scaling high-growth software and service companies. In 2009 he founded the management consulting arm of MaxIT, a healthcare IT services company. His division grew from $0 to $60M over three years, while the overall company grew from $50M to $250M. MaxIT was sold in 2012 for what was then a record valuation of $500M in cash.

Reese and his team distilled the proven best practices from these experiences and over 10,000 hours of research to create the Sales FUSE™, a proven go-to-market and sales acceleration process. Since 2014, SalesSparx has helped more than 100 healthcare solution companies sell more, faster.

Reese graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Industrial Engineering.


  • Telekinesis: I help companies speed up sales with my mind
  • X-Ray Vision: I see through barriers to help companies accelerate go-to-market execution
  • My spirit animal is the wolf. I like to hunt in a pack for new sales.