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Our passion is sales acceleration. Our experienced team has an impressive track record. Our sales playbook is proven to expand pipelines, increase close rates, and speed up the sales cycle.


SalesSparx FUSETM is a strategy that focuses and unites your entire organization around an aggressive sales goal.

FUSE launches with a 1.5-day kickoff meeting to make decisions about your go-to-market (GTM) strategy. We address value proposition, offerings, branding/marketing, sales model, delivery approach, and supporting information technology. In each area, we compare where you are today vs. where you need to be to achieve your sales goals. Together, we develop a roadmap and action plan to accelerate sales performance.

The GTM action plan engages buyers quickly to validate and iteratively improve GTM decisions and optimize product/market fit.

SalesSparx assists your team to execute your GTM plan and rapidly build your pipeline. Take a look at our results!

FUSE GO-TO-MARKET Process Components

Business Plan

  • Value Proposition
  • Offering
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Sales Model/Training
  • Delivery/Support
  • Information Technology


Test, Iterate
and Adapt

SalesSparx Shared Vision selling (SVS) drives collaboration between each buyer and seller. It positions each seller as a trusted advisor and a source of competitive advantage.

With SVS, the Buyer understands why:

· Change is needed,

· It is important to act quickly, and

· Your company is the best partner to achieve their goals.

SVS collaboration guides sellers to customize to their buyers—to the specific target market and the key decision-makers. It creates Buyer ownership, and it accelerates the decision-making process. SVS sets the stage for a long-term, positive buyer/seller relationship.

Your team needs common goals, and common language. SalesSparx helps you develop a customized sales process architecture and a standard sales nomenclature across the organization, which creates the transparency, accountability, and measurement systems you need to drive sales growth.

How does SalesSparx do it? Click on SVS Training and Coaching!

Shared Vision Sales Process

Initiate Partnership

Salespeople often roll their eyes at sales training. Generic sales training is difficult to apply to specific sales processes, yields an uncertain ROI, and takes valuable time away from revenue generating activities. Salessparx’ sales training has substantially improved sales team performance and deal win rates.

SalesSparx’ Sales Readiness platform (powered by MindTickle), is an engaging tool that gamifies the training and makes it fun. Our standardized content supports SVS transformation, with custom modules connecting training to real-world situations.

With SalesSparx, your sellers will learn more, enjoy training more, and sell more effectively.

SalesSparx Sales Adoption and Training Model

Blended Analytics
Track and Measure readiness and Impact on Revenue
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Whether you need an experienced leader to temporarily fill a key sales leadership role or your need “feet on the street” that can open doors we can help. Our fractional sales leaders bring complex healthcare sales experience and our unique sales acceleration methodologies with them. Our team has been building key relationships for a long time. Our deep network can help you open doors and close deals.

We formed the Profit Producing App (PPA) Network, which consists of healthcare senior executives who have agreed to meet with companies with these criteria:

  • Implement quickly (90 to 180 days)
  • Low capital investment – allowing accelerated benefits realization
  • Willing to go “at risk” with the healthcare organization based on mutually agreed-to metrics. Sales outsourcing is success based to align our incentives with yours.
  • Little to no IT disruption (implement quickly, stand alone or minor integration, easily supported)
  • Produce quantifiable revenue or quantifiable cost reduction directly reflected in the GL

The SalesSparx Difference

End To End Approach  –  From Go-To-Market Planning to Making Deals

We build Sales Architecture to drive entire sales cycle-not just another sales methodology

Blend of Marketing, Sales, Business
Development and P&L Experience​

Deep​ Industry Relationships​

Proven​ Tools and Techniques​

Success ​Based​ Pricing​

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